Sutton Lane Allotment Society – Management Policy Document 07

Temporary Structures

To be read in conjunction with Clause 12.11 of the SLAS Constitution and Rules. Effective from 1st April 2017 subject to agreement of the membership at the AGM 2017.

This document identifies the rules for the sizing and placement of temporary structures on a member’s allotment plot.

A temporary structure (TS) is a semi-permanent structure over 4 feet high. A plot holder is allowed to erect two structures on their allotment providing that they follow the following rules.

  • The TS covers 6 square meters or less.
  • The TS is 0.5m or more from all boundaries including fences.
  • The TS does not shade neighbouring cultivated land or allotments.
  • The plot holder informs the SLAS committee via mail or email and receives written confirmation that the TS is permitted within the rules before erection starts, the request must include length, width and height and indicate clearly, it’s proposed location preferably via a simple plan.
  • Verbal communication with committee members does not constitute permission to proceed.
  • The committee may consult with neighbours before responding, it is advisable where possible that they are consulted by the plot holder.

A TS that exceeds these dimensions or requirements may still be permitted but will be voted upon by the full committee and permission may take longer, the committee will always seek to allow a TS but will refuse or require modification of size or location to protect walkways or neighbours from obstruction or shade.

All structures and surface cladding must be securely affixed to adequate foundations to ensure stability, fixation to the ground and resistant to wind forces. No permanent poured concrete foundations are permitted.

The plot holder must not exceed the permission granted, any structure that does not conform to the permission will be required to be removed or altered so that it conforms; if during TS erection it becomes clear that deviation is needed, the plot holder must cease erection and seek advice in writing ASAP.

Quarter Plots

Sheds are prohibited on quarter plots, however greenhouses are allowed subject to committee approval and compliance with the above.