Membership Category Definitions (MPD 01)  image
Sutton Lane Allotment Society – Management Policy Document 01
Membership Category Definitions

To be read in conjunction with Clause 5 of the SLAS Constitution and Rules as amended at the 2017 AGM.

1) A Member

Shall consist of an Allotment and/or Leisure Gardener or such other persons as the management committee may admit, living or working within the town of Shrewsbury and thereby eligible to hold a plot on the Societies site.

Note; on joining the Society a ‘three-month probationary period’ will apply for all new members to enable the committee to establish whether the new member is able to cultivate the plot. A Member may hold a maximum of a single plot or two half plots (not retrospective).

2) An Honorary Member

Shall be a member who by their longstanding commitment to the SLAS, be invited by the Chairman to be made an Honorary Member. The invitation will be at the discretion of the Chairman, seconded by a committee member and approved by the committee. Once approved the Honorary member will not be required to pay membership fees or plot rental charges during their remaining period of membership of the Society but in all other respects will adhere to and be governed by the Constitution and Rules of the Society. The costs of the membership and plot tenure will be met by the Society.

3) A Social Member

Shall be an existing member who wishes to remain a member of the Society but withdraw from allotment cultivation responsibilities. Social members will adhere to and be governed by the Constitution and Rules of the Society subject to the relaxation of any clause requiring cultivation of a plot. The management committee shall consider the application and if approved, shall confirm the Social Member status and amend its records accordingly and re-allocate the member’s plot. A social member will be required to pay Society membership fees only. A social member wishing to resume allotment cultivation shall be placed on the ‘internal’ membership waiting list and be allocated a plot in accordance with the general management process of plot allocations.