Complaints & Appeals Procedure (MPD 03)  image
Sutton Lane Allotment Society - Management Policy Document 03 - Complaints and Appeals Procedure

To be read in conjunction with Clause 12.21 of the SLAS Constitution and Rules as amended at the 2017 AGM.

1) Introduction

1.1 The SLAS Management Committee hope that you won’t ever be made to feel upset or annoyed by our or our members’ behaviour whilst you are at your allotment. We want to make sure that, if you do need to raise concerns about anything, it will be dealt with properly and in accordance with our Constitution and Rules. The SLAS Management Committee has an established process for you to follow as outlined below to make sure that your complaint is dealt with fairly, promptly and resolved to everyone’s satisfaction as quickly as possible.

2) Informal complaints

2.1 Informal complaints should be made verbally to a SLAS Management Committee Member. Should the complaint be simple i.e. resolved by a review of the Constitution and Rules it will be dealt with straight away by the SLAS Management Committee Member who will take the appropriate action on your behalf and report back to the SLAS Management Committee at the next available meeting date. If the nature of the complaint is more serious, and you believe that the above noted resolution of the complaint does not meet with your satisfaction thus requiring the review of the SLAS Management Committee you will be asked to put your complaint in writing and it will be dealt with as a formal complaint as outlined below.

3) Formal Complaints

3.1 If you are unhappy about any aspect of the way the site is being managed, or if you have a complaint about the way you have been treated, please contact in writing the SLAS Secretary with full details of the complaint. The SLAS Chairperson will then respond to you within 10 working days, setting out how your complaint will be investigated. You will also be given the name of the person undertaking the investigation. After the investigation, the SLAS Management Committee will discuss the matter at their next Committee Meeting and will then write to you within 10 working days of the meeting with their decision summarising their actions to remedy the complaint and their reasons for this action. If the SLAS Management Committee require longer to resolve the matter they will explain to you why it might take longer. Should the complaint relate directly to the behavior of a SLAS Management Committee member, that member will be excluded from the process to ensure impartiality of the process and any decisions made. Once the review process is concluded the SLAS Management Committee will respond to the complainant in writing with their decision, actions and recommendations.

The Committee's decision will be final.