Health & Safety Policy (MPD 06)  image
Sutton Lane Allotment Society - Management Policy Document 06 - Health and Safety

To be read in conjunction with Clause 15.1 of the SLAS Constitution and Rules as amended at the 2017 AGM.

1) Introduction

1.1 All activities carry an element of risk and allotment gardening is no exception. Everyone needs to take health and safety seriously, but it is also very important for plot holders not to become "litigation paranoid" and to approach the issue sensibly.

1.2 New and existing plot holders have a responsibility (duty of care) to anyone on their plot, regardless of whether they have given permission for them to be there. Plot holders should act responsibly and comply with any health and safety rules and any information communicated by the allotment committee.

1.3 New plot holders will be advised about any ongoing health and safety risks or hazards on the allotment site at the time of taking on the plot and upon signing the membership documentation. Existing plot holders have a duty of care to ensure risks and hazards are identified and minimised during their tenancy.

2) Report hazards and concerns

2.1 Plot holders should report concerns about health and safety on their plot or the site to the Committee as soon as they occur. Committee members contact details can be found displayed on the Site Notice Board. You should also let any visitors to your plot know about any ongoing health and safety issues you are aware of. If a plot holder plans to spend long periods of time alone on their plot, they should let someone know and consider advising the membership secretary of emergency contact details.

3) Ponds/Water Butts

3.1 It is acknowledged that small ponds/pools on allotments attract beneficial wildlife to the surrounding areas. It is imperative that if members construct small ponds on their plots that these should always be covered with wire meshing to avoid the hazard of members' children falling into the water. At the same time, members must ensure that children are kept under constant control and within eyesight of the responsible adult/parent

4) Vandalism

4.1 In order to reduce the risk of vandalism, the Committee will ensure that adequate security measures are in place and that plot holders know how to use them. Plot holders should ensure that gates are always locked and always report instances of vandalism to the police and obtain an incident number, as well as informing the allotment Committee of the incident.

5) Chemical Hazards

5.1 Cutting down chemical use; Plot holders have a duty of care to store, use and dispose of herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers properly. This includes weed killers, rat poisons, fungicides and soil sterilants. Herbicides/pesticides should never be decanted into any other container. They should always be stored well out of reach of children, clearly labelled and locked away.

5.2 Disposal of herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers; Plot holders should contact their council waste management department for information about facilities for the safe disposal of surplus herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers. Herbicides/pesticides should never be included in household rubbish, burnt, placed in skips or poured into any kind of drainage system or watercourse.

6) Duties of the Committee

6.1 The committee will carry out regular Health & Safety inspections of the allotments and buildings and will contact members outlining any areas of concern. If required, the member should take remedial action without delay and inform the committee upon completion of their remedial action. In the event of a plot holder not complying with health and safety requirements, their membership may be cancelled following investigation and instigation of a Non-compliance Procedure. MPD 04.