AGM Minutes 2019


Meeting attended by 24 members; attendance record is held on file for record.

Apologies for absence were received from:  Beth Stark, Laura Evans, Roy Lawford, Robert Lea, Kate Griffins, Gillian Castle, Steve Gillian, Gill Moore.


1          Minutes of AGM on 12th March 2018;

The Secretary confirmed that the minutes had been displayed at the allotment, and publicly circulated.  The minutes were proposed, seconded and adopted as a true record of events by the membership subject to the following items, see 2.1 and 2.2:

Minutes amended and adopted as a true record of events.  John Ingham Proposed; Liz Lowe Seconded / Passed Unanimously

Matters Arising from previous meeting of 12th March 2018;

2.1       A query from the floor raised by Jackie Wales regarding an amendment to section 12.11 of the Constitution and Rules of the Sutton Lane Allotment Society regarding temporary structures.

Steve Bowen responded with the correct information: The amendment was to M.P.D. 07, which should have been updated to state that temporary structures should be a maximum of 6m square as had been agreed at the 2018 AGM, (refer to point 3.3.6 of the AGM 2018 minutes).

The Chair agreed to amend the constitution and M.P.D. 07 following a vote that was carried unanimously.


2.2       Item 6.4 of the AGM 2018 minutes should read Sheila Jones, not Sheila Martin.

3          Officer  Reports;

3.1       Chairman’s Report – John Ingham - incorporating Secretary’s Report

3.1.1     “This report concludes my eighth year as Chair and a summary is as follows: -

3.1.2     The Chair confirmed that if re-elected, 2019 would be his final year as Chair. He asked for a volunteer from the membership to shadow him this year in preparation for taking on the role next year.

3.1.3.    The Chair on behalf of the members congratulated John Evans for his achievements at Shrewsbury Flower Show, in particular runner up in the Hanging Basket Competition, and his fundraising efforts on behalf of NSPCC through his Christmas Lights display, totaling £845.00.

3.1.4.    The Chair informed the membership that the organisers of the Shrewsbury Town of Flowers ‘Allotment Competition’ mislaid the entry from Diane Davis. They expressed their apologies for this as Diane would have been in the running as a winner.

3.1.5.    The winners of the SLAS ‘best kept garden’ Competitions were:

Best Newcomer was awarded to Martyn Brayne

Best half plot was awarded to Mark Pugh

Best kept garden was awarded to Diane Davis

3.1.6.    The Chair reported that once again the Beer, Buns and Barbecue social gathering had been a great success. He thanked Committee members for their participation and members for their attendance.

3.1.7.  The chair requested volunteers for the mowing rota, informing all present that training on either of the two on site lawn mowers would be given (as in accordance with SLAS Health & Safety Guidelines).

3.1.8.   The Chair advised the meeting that the committee had met 6 times during the year, had undertaken 6 plot inspections and 3 health and safety inspections.

3.1.9.   Membership – currently stands at 66 members plus one life member and two social members, with a waiting list of 14 external applicants. 

3.1.10   Two motions for consideration by the members at the AGM had been received in advance of the meeting, and resubmitted in an amended form from the floor, see 4. Motions from the Floor.

3.1.11   The Chair thanked the members of the Committee for their support throughout the year.

3.1.12   The Chair reiterated the importance of Site Security to all members.

3.1.13   Thanks also went to:                                                                       

The Treasurer, Terry Edwards and our Secretary, Mrs Geraldine Seymour, for their excellent work throughout their tenure of the posts.

To Mrs Jane Hallsworth for her management of the Sutton Lane Allotment Society Web Site.

To Steve Gillian for his excellent work as secretary prior to his resignation.

3.2       Treasurer’s Report – Terry Edwards

3.2.1    TE confirmed that the circulated ‘Accounts’, audited by Mr Rob Lea, were a true record of the SLAS finances.  Terry summarised the following key points to note:

The figures indicate a balance of £2456.06p compared with £2161.91p for the previous year and a surplus of £294.15p compared with £335.29p for the previous year.

Expenditure during 2019 - 2020 is likely to be similar to 2018-19, although adequate the reserves would be stretched should there be any ad hoc expenditure of an unusual nature.

3.2.2    No questions were received from the floor regarding the 2018-19 accounts.  GS proposed the accounts be accepted as presented (seconded by JI); proposal was unanimously agreed.

3.2.3    Martin Brayne proposed that the subscription rate for 2019-20 should be £10.00/member.  The meeting discussed anticipated costs for 2019/20 and the Societies reserves and approved the membership fee at £10.00p.

3.2.4    TE advised that STC rents for 2019-20 have been raised slightly in line with inflation. e,g. £50.00 per full plot / £15.00 for a half plot with a concession.  Rent requests would be emailed / posted soon during April.

3.2.5    In response to members’ queries, TE clarified that the SLAS concession age was the same as the state retirement age. Members who pay the concession rate plot rental must be in receipt of state pensions and cannot be members who have taken early retirement.

3.2.6    Terry thanked Rob Lea for authenticating and signing the accounts.

4.         Motions from the floor

4.1       Soil deliveries

The membership agreed that the committee must give at least 4 weeks’ notice to members of any soil deliveries. The aim is to give members time to arrange their own deliveries of manure before the soil delivery.

Proposed Sheila Jones, Seconded Jackie Wales, Carried 23 in favour, 1 abstention.

4.2       Alteration to the tenancy year

It was proposed that the SLAS tenancy year run from February to February in order to give new members more time to clear and cultivate their plot during the growing season. While the membership felt this was a good idea, difficulties arose due to current tenants losing a month’s rent in March 2020 if they resigned at the end of 2019.

A second difficulty was that Shrewsbury Town Council was irregular in posting the scale of charges for Allotment rents, and collected the rents in March.

4.2.1    The amended proposal had two parts: that henceforth members should advise that they were giving up their plots by the end of December and vacate them by the end of February; and that the SLAS committee would make arrangements so that any sums of money incurred by members during the changeover in 2020 would be absorbed by the Society.

            Proposed John Evans, Seconded Mark Pugh, carried unanimously.

4.3       Proposal to amend constitution

            Proposal to amend Clause 2.a of the Constitution and Rules of Sutton Lane Allotment Society and to increase the management committee size by two members from 8 to 10.

            Proposed Jennie Bailey, Seconded John Ingham, Carried, 21 for, 1 against, 2 abstentions.

5.         Election of Officers and Committee

Geraldine Seymour reported that nominations for Chair,  Hon Treasurer and Hon Sec. had been received as follows:

John Ingham had been nominated for Chairman by Liz Lowe and seconded by Mark Pugh.

Terry Edwards had been nominated for Treasurer by John Evans and seconded by Steve Bowen.

Geraldine Seymour had been nominated for Secretary by Steve Bowen and seconded Ron Milner

The above noted nominations were put to the vote and unanimously approved.

John Ingham advised that the current committee members had expressed their willingness to remain on the       management committee. The membership present confirmed that their membership of the Committee for 2019-2020 would be; Mark Pugh, Liz Lowe, Ron Milner, Steve Bowen, Di Davis, John Evans, Martin Brayne.

Two new additions were welcomed to the committee: Julie Dean and Claire Passey.  Nominated John Ingham, Seconded Geraldine Seymour, carried unanimously

6.         Any other business relevant to an AGM

6.1       John Ingham noted that the ‘mowing rota’ sheet would be placed on the notice board shortly and requested that as many members as possible take the opportunity to get themselves trained for this essential maintenance task.

6.2       Sheila Jones suggested that committee members photographs should be put in the shed noticeboard; she was informed by the Chair that her suggestion would be considered by the Committee and she would be informed of their decision.

6.3       John Evans pointed out that members were putting rubbish in the donation station, and that this space should be reserved for donations of food. It was agreed that a Notice would be prepared and displayed on the Notice Board.

6.4       Bernard Martin informed the forum that stones are being deposited on Primrose Drive entrance pathway to the allotment site. It was agreed that this item should be mentioned in the next newsletter.

6.5       Steve Bowen asked members not to keep making paths between plots any narrower as they were currently very difficult to walk on.

7.         John Ingham closed the meeting at 8:40 with his thanks to participating members. 

            The date for the AGM in 2020 to be agreed and advised to members early in January 2020.



             Endorsed; ……………………………………………. at the AGM on 18.03.2019

            Chairman  John Ingham

            Secretary  Geraldine Seymour

Click here to download a copy.   AGM minutes 18.03.2019 FINAL.docx